• Know that we are a jovial group - as we have been doing events with each other for a very long time, yes, we have a family atmosphere, however, we know when to tighten the screws vs. being overtly jovial.

  • I hate the even say this, but it has happened more times than I can recall but, know not only your job(s) that you play, but how it plays in an alliance setting.

  • Know the events - research to the best of your ability that would make our jobs easier when providing directions during the event. If you don’t understand a strategy, based on how our LS operates, you are expected to speak up and ask questions.

  • Be respectful of others - follow the golden rule - if you can’t say or do something at work, then you shouldn’t do the same during events. Yes, we shoot the breeze here and there, but at the end of the day we are a team, a family.

  • Be a contributing part of the linkshell. What does that mean - well in short - if we just did an event, and could effectively do the run without you, then that means you have not contributed your part to the event/linkshell. With a smaller low manned linkshell, we do not allow members to be carried, and expect everyone to contribute.

  • Make every run possible, however if you cannot, post via discord or let someone know ahead of time.

  • If you meet us half way, we will do the same - meaning, we all are collectively are spending a lot of time in various events trying to not only gear you but our fellow linkshell mates. As the old-saying goes 'we are only good as our weakest link', with that said - we hold everyone accountable on improving ourselves in order to achieve success in all our events. In short, be motivated.

House rules

1) Must use discord for voice chat even if your mic is muted for directions, we also use discord through-out the day to communicate, and have discussions on various topics.

2) Must wear our pearl 100% of the time for all your characters. Believe it or not, by wearing our pearl, you are a walking advertisement for our shell, and, we would want you to represent us proudly.

3) Must do events only with us - you cannot do events outside of our group, nor be in any other endgame ls's, why you may ask - well most of our events are all timed entries, and/or require key items to enter. Plus, call me old-fashioned, but if you are looking for an endgame linkshell, that tells me you are willing to embark to the next level of content, this cannot happen if our members pick and choose which events they want to come to. At the end of the day - we are a team, we are investing in one another - Everyone plays a role, and each and every one is accounted to help as everyone’s contributes to the linkshell as a whole.

4) Be flexible, as a low-manned linkshell, your flexibility is vital. Ideally - we ask every member to have a tank/dd/support, and a mage job on deck to fill the roles needed for the events we have planned for that night.

5) All sellable items will go to the ls bank - at the end of your probation period is over you are eligible for ls bank privileges

Lotting System

We try to make the drops as simple, fair and streamlined as possible so, Drops are done by spreadsheet signup:

1) Dyna; you can elect to lot on 6 papers or, you can elect to lot on 1 zone for volte drops.

  • You can select 6 papers across all of your characters however way you want, 1 volte by zone, it is up to you how you decide to select your lotting priorities.

2) Omen is done the same way - you can select up to 2 scales via spreadsheet sign up, and what ever accessories your after. Bare in mind some of the rare Omen drops has a long list.

  • You can mix and match your 2 scales however way you want across your characters, it is up to you how you decide to select your lotting priorities.

How to change your lots: You can change your lots from the 1st to the 5th of the start of every month in case you got what you were wanting to lot.

Disclaimer: Dyna zone clears, Omen accessories and scales are merc’d for our customers regardless of how many members are in line for that item. Ryoshisan tries to get a pulse of what the buyer wants prior to the run, and sets the price; so, naturally if that item drops – as long as they pay its theirs.

At the same time – there has been a few cases where a buyer only wants “X” item from OU but something else drops – the customer may reach out to me to try to purchase the item in the treasure pool even though that wasn’t what they have corresponded to me; typically we still sell that item, regardless of who’s up next for it and/or how many members want that item (Rare items and scales are not to be sold due to rarity)

Of course our Dyna and Omen spreadsheets are available for you to view at any time.

Linkshell Bank Rules

The linkshell bank is pretty self explanatory – where all sellable items go to the LS bank to be sold – then, from the 1st to the 3rd of the following month, we will disburse ls bank gil to our members.

  1. If your a probationary new member you will have to wait until your probation period has lifted, then your eligible for bank privilege's.

  • Once probation period is lifted then you are eligible for bank payouts

  1. We treat the bank as fair as possible, with that said your bank distribution is attendance % based.

Our spreadsheet that tracks COGS and attendance % is available for our members to view

Banked items can be sold to members at a discount of 20% off current AH prices.

An example would be if you know we just did Dynamis Divergence and you wanted to purchase a medal just let Ryoshisan know. He will check average price for that medal at that given time, and deduct 20% as the quote to you, and if you purchase great, if not items will be sold via AH as normal.

The premise for this is simple - we want to support our members characters progression as best as possible.

To know what the LS bank has what you want to buy – simple, either state what you want to buy in our discord, or let Ryoshisan know and we will make the transactions from there.