What we are looking for...

Thank you for checking out our group of ninja bandits and possibly becoming one of our members.

We run 10pm pst - to around 1am pst on event nights. There are times where no events are planned. But, our members still sets up things to do such as ambuscade, escha drops they need/ wanted, etc etc

The original purpose of our group is to clear Aeonic weapons; so all our members are fully committed to leveling/gearing jobs that are needed for that purpose. We also focus on Wave 3 Dynamis-Divergence clears and expect the same dedication for this event.

If you are a good fit - play late in the evening PST; share the same goals - please let us know and we can talk about opportunities.

You can reach us via, a /tell in game or email as at

Thank you very much again for checking us out!

We are Currently Recruiting:

  • All Jobs


New members and returning members after a break, will be put into a probation mode. You cannot lot on items (unless free lot) or receive bank funds until your probation period is over.

At the time of this writing that is 15 main events.

Main Events are:

  • Omen
  • Dynamis Divergence
  • Aeonic Climbing (which has exacting stipulations to participate)