About the Linkshell

We are a very accomplished group considering our smallish ls size. With that said - we like to keep our LS to a manageable size to ensure everyone gets the gear they are seeking. The stronger our members are, the better the LS is as a whole. We make sure everyone get's in on our Aeonic weapon cycles. (less mouths to feed, the more we all get).

Our group has been playing since the launch of FFXI, as such we are very skilled and knowledgeable in an End-game environment. We always take care of each other in the LS. We are very helpful towards each other and anyone else in the game that needs help.

The linkshell treats everyone like we are part of each others family as we have known one another for many years. With that said, personality fit is essential and, is a very important factor for us.

Leadership Structure

We use the family mentality as the focus on how we run and operate the linkshell. We generally disburse drops as they benefit that job/player the most as the stronger the players, the stronger we are as a whole.

Leadership uses the 'open door' thought process, this goes with any issues that may arise, and/or when something needs to be brought up, we will all discuss it as a group, make a decision and move forward. We like to keep things as simple and clean as possible.


  • Dyna D - Wave 3

  • Omen bosses

  • Current monthly campaigns as they will benefit the ls, and our members.

  • Ambuscade D+

  • Odyssea

  • Aeonic Weapon Cycles

  • Master Trials

Standard Event Times:

Tues/Wed/Fri/ Sat

9:45 PM PST - 12/1:00 AM PST

*Must be able to attend 75% or more of our events*

Recent Accomplishments


Aeonic Cycles

We do not allow lechers to attend our Aeonic cycles – if you do not have a job that can contribute to the run – then you will not attend our Aeonic cycles.


We run Odyssea as a whole ls - dont necessarily have a static of set players, as we plug in what we need for boss fights, and, run multiple groups for segment farming depending on how many characters we have for that given night

Dynamis Divergence

We only attempt Dyna D Wave 3 bosses, on jobs to maximize our chances of clearing the zone(s). With that said, our members are asked to enter dyna on specific jobs that is specific for Wave 3, and some of our members may be left out of a run due what is needed to fill out the alliance with what members we have at the time.

On the off chance or off nights we do run a farming night - You will be asked to come on specific jobs, as we need specific jobs even for a farming run – however, with how the unlock of relic +2/3 work – I do try to cycle your jobs as needed/as I can. However, it does make my job easier if you are wanting relic clears on other jobs if that job is both mastered and well-geared to kill the midboss and other NMs in Dyna V2.


We run Omen events quite regularly for a few reasons;

  1. It still benefits our ls members with job cards

  2. It sill benefits our ls members with specific drops

  3. It’s a good ls bank gil generator, both in drops and, as we merc items for anyone that wants an item from Omen

For all events – you will be asked to come on specific jobs (we do try and cycle our members as best as we can for our events) – It does make my job easier if you are both mastered and well-geared depending on the event.

Mercenary Services

We provide mercenary services for all of Omen drops – and in the future Aeonic cycles. Our customers come and go with basically word of mouth advertising and an monthly bump to our merc services forum post on ffxiah.

With that said – as the customer asks for an item – we will merc it -regardless if we still need that item for our own members.

We do that for a few reasons:

  1. We have spurts where we have customers lined up for items – then times where we don’t have any customers (So we want to capitalize on that opportunity to make some gil for the LS)

  2. Make some gil for the LS as the gil benefits everyone, as we are always improving our characters.

  3. I do not want to turn down customers, so they go to another merc linkshell for their needs *as we are primarily word of mouth*